My Top 50 Bucket List



We’ve all heard the term ‘bucket list’ and I’ve always thought about things I would like to do before I die but never actually listed them.

I have already achieved quite a few things I’ve always wanted to do like go to Universal Studios & Disneyworld in Orlando, stay at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, own a pair of Jimmy Choos, become a PA, visit the Taj Mahal to name a few but there are so many things I still want to do.

So, here’s my list (which is in no particular order): –

  1. Drive along Route 66
  2. See the Milky Way and take a picture of it (and I don’t mean the chocolate!)
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Visit Graceland
  5. Cage diving to see a Great White Shark
  6. Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef
  7. Swim with Dolphins
  8. Attend a murder mystery dinner
  9. Join a flash mob
  10. Go glamping
  11. Get a degree in American Politics
  12. Have a white Christmas
  13. Learn Spanish
  14. Learn sign language
  15. See the haka live
  16. Try water-skiing
  17. Go to the Super Bowl
  18. Float in the Dead Sea
  19. Own a pair of Manolo Blahniks
  20. Make a difference to someone’s life
  21. Visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour
  22. Own a house by the beach
  23. Dance in the rain
  24. Visit New York at Christmas
  25. Ice skating at Rockefeller Centre
  26. Achieve a black belt in a Martial Art
  27. Send a message in a bottle
  28. Visit all the places on the Monopoly board and take pictures
  29. Learn how to play the piano
  30. Be an extra in a film
  31. Go to Disneyworld at Christmas time
  32. Visit Mount Rushmore
  33. Dip my feet in the Atlantic Ocean
  34. Attend an event at Buckingham Palace
  35. Go paintballing with my friends
  36. Get a tattoo on my foot
  37. Shoot a gun
  38. Hold a baby Orangutan
  39. Go grape stomping
  40. Have afternoon tea at a very expensive place
  41. Hold up a “free hugs” sign
  42. Jump out of a cake
  43. Leave a £50 note in a second hand book
  44. Fly with a Naval Aviator while the Top Gun music is playing really loud
  45. Watch the sun set from the top of a mountain
  46. See penguins in their natural habitat
  47. Play hide and seek in Ikea
  48. New Year’s Eve in Times Square
  49. Meet a person who has been in space
  50. Live happily ever after

What’s on your bucket list and what have you already achieved?

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